INQ Mobile presented in Italy his long-awaited smartphone  Cloud Touch , the rumored device based on Android 2.2 that integrates Facebook services allowing you to access it directly from the homescreen.

Will initially be distributed by  3 Italy from June 6 to 99 € with the offer “Choose 0” which provides a charging commitment of EUR 10 per month for 24 months, only for this smartphone for the first 12 months is included internet ( 100 MB per day). Adhering instead to offers Rechargeable “Select 20” and “Select 30”, INQ Cloud Touch you can have for free compared to a monthly spending (for 30 months), respectively EUR 20 and EUR 30, to be used in full to talk, send sms and navigate by the end of the calendar month; later be purchased at all major retail chains at a price of 299 Euros.

The new smartphones from INQ Mobile is equipped with HVGA full touch screen, a 5 MP camera with autofocus and VGA video recording capabilities focus. Will be available at launch in bright white or red and after the summer you will also receive the upgrade to 2.3 Gingerbread version of Android with the integration to Foursquare.

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